Why SailPoint ?

Most of the companies opt for SailPoint to minimize risks and to maximize business growth by managing user access. 

Sailpoint is an automated version of Identity management, as it reduces the cost and complications encountered by the users and provides access to the users. Sailpoint is a lightweight movable application. 

It has superior features when compared with identity management, hence called identity management solution.

The identity analytics solution that provide customers with the visibility they need to understand the risk associated with user access, detecting anomalous behavior which may be indicative of a breach, and focusing their governance controls to more efficiently and effectively govern identities. 

Rules can be used to calculate complex identity attributes, modify provisioning instructions, or interact with a connector. Unlike transforms, rules require a review by SailPoint Services before they can be implemented for your org.

In 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant SailPoint was named as a leader for its administration and Identity Governance for the sixth consecutive time. 

The average salary offered to SailPoint Developer is around $130,813 per annum in the United States. The most experienced professionals earn up to $200,850 per annum.

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