Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is Automation?

Automation is a technique of making devices, a process, or a system to operate automatically.

2) What is Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere is one of the popular RPA vendors offering powerful & user-friendly RPA capabilities to automate any complex tasks.

It is one of the revolutionary technology that changes the way the enterprise operates. This tool combines conventional RPA with intellectual elements like natural language understanding and reading any unstructured data.

3) What is BOT insights?

BOT insights is a tool that simply shows statistics and displays graphs to analyse the performance of every bot in the system. Here, you can also calculate the time you have saved because of the automation process.

4) Specify the important factors needed for the evaluation of the scripting standard of Automation testing.

Important factors needed for the evaluation of the scripting standard of Automation testing are: There should be optimized utilization of system wherever needed, automation testing script should have a uniform naming tradition, administration, and error handling module.

5) What are the features of Automation Anywhere?

Features of Automation Anywhere are:

Automation Intelligence for business and IT tasks

Uses SMART Automation Technology

Rapidly Automates complex and complicated tasks

Create automation tasks like recording keyboard strokes and mouse clicks

Distribute tasks to multiple computers

Automation Anywhere offers scriptless Automation

Auto-login runs scheduled tasks on anytime, even when the computer is locked.

6) Name Subversion (SVN) used in Automation anywhere and maintaining a repository

Subversion (SVN) used in Automation anywhere and maintaining a repository is Apache subversion.

7) List browsers supported by Automation anywhere

Browsers supported by Automation anywhere are:

CHROME 49 and above

FIREFOX 45,46,47

IE 10 & 11

8) Mention commands used for error handling in Automation Anywhere?

Commands used for error handling in Automation Anywhere are:

1) Begin Error Handling and

2) End Error Handling.

9) What are the predefined variables?

The predefined variables are system variables that are provided by Automation Anywhere in order to automate any task.

10) What is the use of the OCR command for Image Recognition?

OCR command is used to:

Specify an image.

Select the OCR Engine and set a threshold amount to determine its accuracy.

Assign the value of the extracted text in a variable.

11) What is object cloning in Automation anywhere?

The object cloning command is used to recognized objects and a variety of their properties, including type, name, value, and path.

12) How to compare two rows in Microsoft Excel?

Comparison can be done between two rows in Excel by adding a unique serial no or ID to it.

13) What is the difference between the set text and append text?

The set text will insert the latest data by removing old data, whereas while append text will only insert data, and it will not remove old data.

14) Why are triggers are used in Automation Anywhere?

Triggers are used in Automation Anywhere in order to launch the manager, to add delete, or edit triggers, or to enable or disable triggers.

15) What do you mean by QTP?

QTP stands for Quick test professional and is an Automation tool that is considered in test environments.

16) Name things that can be automated

Things that can be automated are: Automation behind GUI, build deployment, smoke sanity test suite, and test data creation.

17) List different recorders of Automation Anywhere

Different recorders of Automation Anywhere are 1) easy recorder, 2) object recorder, and 3) web recorder.

18) Mention app integration commands in Automation Anywhere

App integration commands in Automation Anywhere are browser, Java Applet, and dos command prompt.

19) What is a workflow designer?

The workflow designer is helpful in building a process flow diagram with a graphical environment. It can be used to build automated tasks in the program.

20) Why String Operation Commands are used in Automation Anywhere?

String operation commands in Automation Anywhere are used to perform various actions like:





Lower Case







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